Who We Are

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The Canadian Slovak League (CSL), founded in 1932, has played an important role in the life of the Slovak community in Canada, helping its members to integrate into Canadian life and become contributing citizens to their country of adoption.

The first issue of the CSL's official organ, the Kanadský Slovák/The Canadian Slovak newspaper, was published in 1942 and today it is the only Slovak weekly newspaper on the North American continent.

For over 67 years, the Kanadský Slovák/The Canadian Slovak weekly newspaper
has taken the lead in serving the growing Slovak communities in Canada. Its readership is provided with news about Canada and Slovakia, feature articles, information about specific events as well as the recognition of milestones and the celebration of individual and group achievements. Businesses persons and professionals use this publication to advertise their products and services to the multi-generations of Slovaks across Canada.

The management of Kanadský Slovák offers to newcomers to Canada this newspaper free of charge and without obligations for a period of three months. After that you can decide whether to become a subscriber.

You can order by writing to Kanadský Slovák, 259 Traders Blvd. E, Unit 6, Mississauga, ON L4Z 2E5

+1 905 507 8004
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