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Slovaks in Canada were spread out across our whole country; therefore, it was difficult to establish a newspaper that would satisfy such a broad and diverse community. From 1930 until today, more than 20 Slovak newspapers were established, and ceased publication, becoming only a memory in our history. The only exception is already 67-years old Kanadský Slovák / The Canadian Slovak, published by the Canadian Slovak League and printed every Saturday.

Every week it brings interesting news from the Slovak community, social information, reflections, essays, interviews ...

Sharing joy and pain
Sometimes an opinion is voiced that we don't really need Slovak newspapers, because most people use Internet where all the news from Slovakia can be found. In reality, there is some truth in such a claim. Others opinined that the Canadian Slovak is not fighting hard for common goals, that it focuses more on domestic events, culture, and stories about individuals. Relatively speaking, they are right. On the other side of the Morava river, there is a saying: some like hills, others girls... With such a parallel, I could already end my essay. Yet others add an observation that more than 60 years ago, when this newspaper was being born, the situation was different, people read much more, had more time on their hands, etc. Nevertheless, something has remained, which has survived all those decades. It was a deep relationship between the readers and their newspaper, who are happy not only from their newspaper's successes, but primarily that after 67 years it remains the last Slovak informational weekly on the North American continent, firmly stabilized in its „orbit". On the other side were those who incessantly criticized, always created roadblocks, and expected that the newspaper would fade into oblivion. When I talked to one of the Canadian Slovak's first Editors, Mr. Štefan Hreha from Montreal, we came to a conclusion that nothing has really changed. Such two groups were always there – equally willing to offer a helping hand, and also those, who stayed away and tried to thwart common success.

We persevered
As everyone else, the Canadian Slovak also underwent changes. Editors have changed, and each one left his own footpints in the history of the newspaper. Some were tough, full of fighting spirit, when there was the right time and right situation for such approach. Several years ago, the newspaper concentrated on one political party in Slovakia, whom they promoted, directly or indirectly. We are not saying that it was a bad party, only that we refuse such policy. We publish more content that you could not find on the Internet, we do not support any political party in Slovakia, but we respect whom the Slovak nation elects. Perhaps that is the reason that we have many contributors from areas of culture or information. We have similar approach toward different religions.

And what we respect and honour the most?
It may sound like platitude, but without hesitation, it is our readers. Those, who knew and know that without their support an ethnic newspaper would hardly make it in this world. They are for our newspaper an indispensable moral as well as financial supporters. To them belongs our eternal and sincere Thank You, because from 1942 until today, whenever the Canadian Slovak faced really tough times, from different causes, they lifted us up. When it was „thirsty" for words, they send us an article, when it became „poor", they reached into their wallets and helped, without saying a word.

Just look around you at many ethnic publications, which changed from weeklies to monthlies, and some publish only occasionally.

Kanadský Slovák remains
Although these tough times broke many newspapers, ours has survived. It is a sign, that it must be doing something well.

Don't take it as a self-praise. It is a praise and joy to all of us.

Julo Behul
Editor in Chief

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