CSL - Who We Are

kanadska slovenska liga

The Canadian Slovak League actively promotes the Slovak heritage in Canada.

Our goals are:

1. To organize, establish and promote activities of the existing CSL branches.

2. To promote Christian, demographic values, lead the members towards good citizenship and loyalty to Canada, educate the members about the Canadian history and structure of the Canadian system.

3. To promote and build the spirit of cooperation and friendship among the league members.

4. To promote sport, cultural and social activities that help to achieve better understanding of Canadians and Slovaks.

5. To enrich Canada’s multicultural heritage by promoting the Slovak heritage, traditions and values.

6. To build and maintain housing for seniors, ill and handicapped.

7. To organize activities that keep the Slovak language and culture in Canada alive.


The Canadian Slovak
259 Traders Blvd. East,
Unit 6
Mississauga Ontario
L4Z 2E5 Canada